Wet Weather Delays Abbey Garden Blooms

tresco abbey gardens 2The wet weather seems to have had more of an effect than usual on the types of flowers counted during the annual New Year’s Day ‘Tresco in Bloom’ survey at the Abbey Gardens.

Head gardener, Andrew Lawson said that while the 230 different species recorded was similar to previous years, some blooms have been delayed by the bad conditions before Christmas.

Andrew says the proteas and aloes are flowering well, together with the banksias on the top terrace.

But the garden’s collection of camellias are late, with only four species in flower when normally they’d expect to see around 25.

Andrew says it’s not been that cold this year, so it must be the wet weather that’s delayed them.

The count took six hours on the 2nd January, with a team of eleven helpers including six who made the trip over from St Mary’s.

But Andrew says even though some flowers late this year, Tresco is still unique in the UK with such a wide variety of things that people don’t get to see anywhere else.

And he thinks it’s the best time to wander round as you get the garden to yourself.