Final Rehearsals Underway For This Year’s Panto

theatre town hallIt’s been a busy weekend for around fifty islanders who have been rehearsing for this year’s pantomime.

The first public performance of the play, written by Steve Sims, will be on Sunday the 20th and then the main showings will be from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th at The Town Hall.

The show includes a flatulent king and a villain vampire called Count Black Pudding.

Producer and director Kevin Leeman says all of the team, performers and backstage volunteers, have run through their individual roles at least six times for each section.

Kevin says the actors, scenery and props fit together like a jigsaw and yesterday was the first full test for that.

From Radio Scilly

Kevin talks to Radio Scilly about the final rehearsals

The script has been written by Steve Sims and Kevin says they have had to ‘tweak’ it slightly to make his distinctive humour hit the right notes for all ages.

That includes replacing the part where brains are taken out and eaten, with Angel Delight!

There are plenty of local references in the script, which Kevin says is always tricky, and he hopes people will take the jokes in the spirit they’re intended.

There’ll be a final dress rehearsal in two weeks time, with residents of Park House attending, and Kevin is confident everything will come together by then.