Youngsters Taking Part In Today’s Horse Show

Youngsters will be displaying their horse riding skills today at the Riding Centre Horse Show.

Most of the thirteen pupils ride weekly but the recent poor weather has seen some sessions cancelled and the show itself has been rescheduled.

Riding Centre owner, Claire Morley, says this year’s Olympics have helped heighten interest in horse-riding events, particularly the appreciation of the skills involved in the sport, and she hopes this will encourage more people to take part.

The local youngsters enjoy the physical side of horse-riding, she says, as well as the bond that they can achieve with the horse during training sessions.

And the horse show is a great chance for them to show their friends and family what they’ve learnt over the year.

From Radio Scilly

Claire Morley tells Keri Jones about this year’s Horse Show

Claire says there has been a female bias in the sport, but that could change with more boys taking an interest locally.

The dressage routine starts at 11am and will see entrants control their horses in walk, trot and canter events.

Show jumping starts at 2pm and will be held against the clock so riders will need to be accurate, says Claire.

The judges are Lisbet Jackman and Ros Hicks.


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