St Martin’s Man Preparing Postcards And Book

Photo courtesy of Toby Tobin-Dougan

A St Martin’s man is launching a series of six postcards after the positive response he’s had to photos of the island taken as reflections in pools and puddles.

The pictures have been taken by Toby Toubin-Dougan, as he prepares for his second book, a diary of a year in Scilly.

He previously authored the St Martin’s based story and recipe book, The Island Ingredient.

Toby says he has always been fascinated by images of reflections in water and glass and previously made a postcard of Mark Pender’s boat, William and Molly, reflected in a heavily flooded Pool Green, which he says was a huge seller.

The new cards will feature a variety of St Martin’s images, including the Day Mark.

Toby says the manuscript for his book is now written but he still has the huge task of designing the layout and adding the photos, as well as preparing for the printers.

Toby says he hopes the project will be ready by Easter.