Complaint After TIC Left Unstaffed

Tourist Information Centre in Hugh Town

It’s traditionally the time of year when people enquire about summer holidays and book their summer breaks.

But in this peak booking period, Fran Grottick, who is looking after a guesthouse for her family, is unhappy that nobody was available in person to answer calls to the Tourist Information Centre for almost two days this week.

The TIC was closed on Wednesday and much of Thursday because staff were away. One member of staff was waiting to return but got delayed on the mainland by bad weather.

Julian Pearce of the Council’s economic development unit, which oversees tourism, says the TIC team work hard and are dedicated to their work, adding that the returning team member hurried straight to the TIC as soon as her delayed flight landed.

Julian says receptionists at the Town Hall ‘One Stop Shop’ wrote a list of queries left on the TIC answerphone to hand over to their tourism colleagues.

Fran says not only have visitors been unable to access help in person but callers have been left with an answerphone message.

She feels that the weather and transport difficulties are already impacting on the islands tourism industry and the future is looking very worrying indeed.


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