Former Owner Wants St Martin’s Pub To Remain Open

The Seven Stones Inn on St Martin’s

The former owner of the Seven Stones Inn, Toby Tobin-Dougan, is appealing to Barclays Bank to let him run the pub he used to own, and take a basic wage, just so that St Martin’s doesn’t miss out on the venue for another season.

The pub was closed last July after the business went into receivership.

Toby says it sad for the island that the pub was allowed to close and he’d gladly work to keep it open for visitors during the summer.

And he says with the season starting soon, time is running out for any new owner to come in and get the pub ready for business.

He says Barclays, who now own the lease, will be paying hefty rent and rates with no income and it’s a shame that the pub, which has in the past been a “buzzing, thronging, beautiful place” is now “desolate.”

Toby says he’d like the inn operated as a community-owned project for the benefit of islanders and locals.

He says this model has been adopted in other areas and with the way the community in St Martin’s pulled together for projects like the new Island Hall, he believes they could also run the pub.

Estate Agent Ian Sibley is handling the sale of the Seven Stones Inn. He says receivers have allowed people to run businesses that have gone bust previously, but he didn’t know of it happening here in Scilly.

He says he hopes that the business will change hands soon.