Passengers Hoping To Travel Today In Time For Christmas

Skybus Twin Otters at St Mary’s Airport

175 passengers who have been waiting all weekend to get to Scilly are hoping to be flown in today in time for Christmas.

It’s been a waiting game for some people in the hospitality business in the islands who have had a quieter weekend than expected because their visitors haven’t been able to get over.

A group of Star Castle Hotel guests has been stuck on the mainland, and around 30 people who had booked cottages on Tresco from Saturday are hoping to start their holiday today.

Some passengers even managed to arrive by private plane.

Opening St Mary’s airport on Sunday wasn’t the problem, as some staff and fire crew were prepared to go in.

Skybus says they wanted to keep all their pilots available for flying today as, on Saturday, when they made the decision to postpone flights, Sunday’s forecast looked poor.

The airline says they can cope today and accommodate everyone, with two freighters also scheduled for arrival at 9am and 11am with the mail and papers.

The Steamship Company say that they are grateful to management and staff at St Mary’s Airport and Newquay Airport for their co-operation in extending opening hours today to help people get to and from Scilly for their Christmas holidays.


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