Council Receive Grant For Flood Planning

Holgate’s Green earmarked for sea wall repairs

The Council has received £116,000 from the government to improve flood defences, with more likely to come before the end of 2014.

That money is our share of the Flood Risk Management Fund that Defra has set aside to help local authorities meet their obligations under the new Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

Climate control officer, David Senior, says it will cover a range of activities.

Scilly’s share of the money will be used to prepare plans for repairs to Holgate’s Green sea wall. It is hoped that work will begin this winter and, if necessary, complete during winter 2013.

The Council will also be carrying out a preliminary flood risk assessment, something that’s required by law.

David says the Environment Agency has not produced inundation flood maps for Scilly, even though it’s done this for mainland authorities.

He says this will help provide a basis for our coastal defence strategy and input into the emergency response plans for the islands.

The money is not ring-fenced, so the Council can deploy it as they choose, although the Environment Agency has made it clear that future funding for flood defences may depend on how wisely the money is spent.

Any funding not used will be retained in reserves for emergency flood repairs or maintenance of existing coastal defences in response to future extreme weather events.