Still Question Mark Over St Mary’s Quay Upgrade

St Mary’s Quay

There is still uncertainty over when, and if, the St Mary’s quay upgrade project will go ahead.

Strategic Investment Manager, Diana Mompoloki, told councillors at the Transport Committee meeting that the changes in the leadership at Cornwall Council have created uncertainty and she felt the new cabinet there would be more risk averse.

Diana said the loss of £6m in preparing the failed Route Partnership bid left Cornwall, “scarred and battered.”

The Penzance harbour scheme, which has to go hand in hand with the St Mary’s project, was unlikely to start until after the council elections in May and this complicated things even more.

She said our project is ready to go but they’ve delayed putting the work out to tender until the situation is clearer.

Instead, they’re focussing on areas like the recent survey of the seabed around the quay to help ‘de-risk’ the project. Diana said having this information could make any estimates of cost more accurate.

There was concern that Scilly’s authority would struggle financially to run such a large project, but Diana assured councillors that the project would be managed by Cornwall. We would simply be partners she said, along with the Duchy of Cornwall.

Chairman Dudley Mumford was worried that Cornwall Council could try to make extra savings on the project, although Diana said this was difficult as they’d already reduced the scheme from the £18m proposed in the Route Partnership, to the current £8m. She added, “there’s not much fat left on the bones.”

Dudley said it was now important to build a good relationship with the new Cornwall leadership and hoped it could be as productive as the previous one.


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