No Bleak Midwinter At Tresco Abbey Gardens

Tresco is opening the Abbey Gardens over Christmas and New Year to show visitors and islanders that the midwinter is certainly not bleak here in Scilly.

Curator Mike Nelhams says it’s important to get over the message that Tresco is open for the festive period and to encourage people to discover the wide variety of plants that will be out in bloom because of our unique subtropical climate.

He says most people think that gardens in winter are fairly dull and quiet but that description doesn’t fit the Abbey Garden, which is pretty-much unique in the UK.

And will be surprised at the amount of colourful southern hemisphere and Central American plants on display at this time of year, says Mike.

There’ll be a guided walk with mulled wine on Christmas Eve and on the 2nd January, tour visitors will be encouraged to count up all of the flowers on show.

It’s part of the annual New Year’s Day ‘Tresco In Bloom’ log which often records over 250 different species of flowers.

The garden’s students will also be taking part and Mike says it’s good to compare the numbers of plants in bloom in winter, year on year.