MP To Ask Prime Minister For Scilly Transport Assistance

Scilly’s MP, Andrew George

Local MP, Andrew George, will today ask the Prime Minister for assistance to help find a solution to the transport problems created following the closure of the helicopter service to the Isles of Scilly at the end of October.

He will point out that the helicopter service provided a lifeline for the islands and its closure has presented many challenges for islanders, medical services and the economy.

But Andrew will also highlight that local people and stakeholders, including the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company, are determined to find solutions.

Mr George himself has called together a group of stakeholders to explore whether it might be possible to resurrect a new helicopter service for the Islands running from the Penzance area.

Mr George says if the Scillies were linked by a 28 mile sliver of land, the Government would have built an expensive road to the place and be expected to maintain it. As it’s separated by water they don’t have to.

And he says since the service stopped last month, there have been many days when the primary air link between St Mary’s and Land’s End was inoperable.

“The islanders cannot solve this one on their own and nor can Cornwall Council just step in,” says Andrew. “It will need Government support.”

He’s asked the Prime Minister for help because he says a favourable word from above can “move blockages in the system.”

As many people face challenging plans for their travel to get home to see family at this time of year, he says he hopes that Ministers will appreciate that Scillonians face some of the greatest challenges of all.”


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