Local Woman Criticises Transport Minister

Ro Bennett

The Transport Minister has replied to comments from a St Mary’s woman after she criticised his rudeness for not replying to any of her previous correspondence about transport concerns.

Ro Bennett wrote to Norman Baker describing the disruption to mail, passenger travel and the movement of medical samples caused by weather problems in the last week.

Ro, who is a supporter of action group Friends of Isles of Scilly Transport, decided to complain to the Prime Minister, David Cameron after Mr Baker failed to reply to her eighth email on the topic.

When Radio Scilly contacted the Department for Transport, Mr Baker replied.

He says he fully accepts that Scilly needs adequate transport links and says the private sector has provided transport services without ongoing subsidy.

The Steamship Company appears to be considering additional investment to fill the gaps in provision, he added.

The route is also open to other companies to step in and the Council, as airport operator, is looking into that. He says he needed to give these developments every chance to succeed, but he will be, “keeping a close eye on the matter.”

Ro says she still thinks he’s rude for only responding when Radio Scilly got involved and she suggests that the Minister comes to stay so he can experience the travel, medical and postal disruption for himself.


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