Scilly’s Police Chief Says Progress Made On Mental Health Plan

Sergeant Colin Taylor

Scilly’s police chief believes progress has been made in planning how locals or visitors who experience mental health problems are assisted.

Concerns were raised last summer after two incidents involving visitors who became unwell and distressed.

In one case, a local hotelier had to look after an agitated guest for an extended period, after she claimed no single agency could offer immediate assistance.

One of the issues has been identifying a so-called ‘place of safety’ where someone could be taken to avoid harm to themselves or others.

Sgt Colin Taylor says the police cells have always been available but not everyone appears to have been aware of this.

After a multi-agency meeting on St Mary’s last week, Council, NHS, Health Centre and Social Services staff now know that the room in the police station is available.

Colin says this isn’t ideal and it’s important that a response is then put in place quickly help the person involved.

He says, following the meeting, there’s now an understanding of how everyone will work together to find the best outcome for anybody who becomes unwell.