Scilly Adopted As New Marine Conservation Zone

Scilly has been adopted by Defra as one of the new marine conservation zones.

These are designed to protect areas of special scientific interest from the most damaging activities.

But Cornwall Wildlife Trust say they are disappointed that only 31 of the 127 areas suggested so far have been adopted and will now go out to further consultation after a process that has already taken 2 years.

Scilly’s Inshore Fisheries Officer, Steve Watt, says the islands were the only area where there was 100% support for the plans and he claims they’re Defra’s “Gold Star, Blue-Eyed Boys.”

Steve says Tim Allsop’s work in mapping the conservation sites and explaining the need for them was crucial, as was a simple way to get fishermen to attend the stakeholders meeting.

Steve says attendees were offered a pasty and a pint if they agreed to attend the meeting in the Bishop and Wolf and that worked.


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