Councillors Agree In Principle Settlement Package For Chief Executive

Council Chief Executive, Philip Hygate

Councillors have agreed the principle of a settlement package for suspended Council chief executive Philip Hygate that, if accepted, would mean he will not return to work.

Following last week’s Full Council meeting, we understand members voted to back a recommendation to pay him one year’s salary.

There will be additional pension payments as part of the package.

The ‘golden-goodbye’ deal follows negotiation between the Council’s advisors and Mr Hygate’s representatives.

On Tuesday, thirteen councillors voted to back the terms and the amount offered as part of the settlement package and four members abstained.

After the chief executive’s team and the Council’s lawyers failed to agree the appointment of an independent investigator, the matter was referred to the office of the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles. The Ministry has so far simply confirmed receipt of correspondence.

There has been some speculation for a number of days that a deal was being prepared that would result in Mr Hygate leaving the Authority.

Council Vice Chairman Amanda Martin told us yesterday that she couldn’t comment on confidential employment issues.

Mr Hygate has strenuously denied the allegations that led to his suspension.


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