School Starts Recruiting New Head

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School governors yesterday agreed to start the process of recruiting a new head teacher.

The school has been without one since Bryce Wilby resigned at the start of July.

Chairman of governors, Ben Julian, told Radio Scilly news that it wasn’t, “the ideal situation” for recruitment but the school, “couldn’t afford” to wait.

Ben believes that if they advertise in national press by the second week of January, interviews could be held in February. If recruitment is successful, with a shorter notice period, he or she could be in post by Easter.

Realistically though, Ben feels it may be the start of the new school year in September before a replacement head starts work.

The salary remains the same as that earned by Bryce Wilby. He began on £63,000 and it rose to £69,000.

Ben says the biggest change is that there’s a new ‘all through’ school.

Ben accepts that the controversy surrounding the school is not helpful in recruitment and says it will “not work in our favour.”

He would have preferred it if the Cornwall auditors’ report was finished by the time the job adverts are placed. But he feels that when candidates come for interview, the governors can give some context on where the school is going and not dwell in the past.

Ben feels that applicants should ideally come at the start of a weekend with their partners and visit all of the off-island bases.

It would be helpful to meet with pupils, staff and possibly parents, he says.


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