Local Education Authority Tops Primary League Table

The Five Islands School

The islands’ local education authority is the best performing in the country in the Primary School league tables.

We’re closely followed by the City of London in the financial district of the capital, another Council with relatively few pupils.

The figures from the Key Stage 2 tests for pupils aged 10 and 11 show that, in the standard comparison made between schools, 91% of pupils here achieved level 4 or above in both English and Maths. Last year it was 81%.

The government data also reveals how much more is spent on education here annually per child, compared to the mainland.

The amount is £9,421 per child in Scilly compared to £4,207 across England.

The average teacher salary here is also around £2,000 a year more than the English average at £38,329.

And the pupil to teacher ratio is half that of the mainland. There’s an average of 10.6 students to staff on the islands but nationally that’s 21 children to each teacher on average.