Census 2011: Scilly Amongst Least Ethnically Diverse Places In Country

The latest 2011 census figures released this week show that Scilly is one of the least ethnically diverse places in the country.

While the islands are home to two French, one Italian, thirteen Germans and 1 Spanish-born resident, we have no residents from Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, the Middle East or people with Gypsy backgrounds.

And we’re second lowest in England and Wales for people from mixed-race White and Black Caribbean backgrounds. With just three people ticking that census box, it’s the second lowest in the country.

Helen Pearce is the Council’s diversity officer. She says Scilly isn’t an homogenous group of people, and diversity is about a lot more than ethnicity.

Data is not intended to create a value judgment about a community, but to be used in a way that local, regional and national bodies know how to best direct resources.

Helen says Council managers and decision makers must ensure that when they make decisions they are not discriminating against people based on any of the seven characteristics described in the Equality Act.

That is: Age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, and sex and sexual Orientation.

When the Council make decisions or write policies they consider how they will effect these groups, says Helen.