Tresco Gets Traffic Light – But Just For A Day

PC Mat Collier with the Tresco and Bryher schoolchildren

The first traffic light has gone up on Tresco.

But it was only there for one morning and to help school pupils get to grips with road safety.

PC Mat Collier took the wooden replica over from St Mary’s on Monday so that fourteen Tresco and Bryher school base pupils could get a better understanding of pedestrian crossings.

Mat says the volume of traffic was lighter than the mainland. Just five golf buggies drove past and one went through on a red light, although the driver, an elderly male, saw the funny side of it and returned, to the delight of the children.

Mat says he was impressed with the youngsters’ knowledge of road safety and the need to be visible at night, despite the lack of cars on the island.

He said that only in Scilly would you get the comment, “it is very important to listen when crossing the road as golf buggies can be very quiet.”