Census 2011: Fall In Number Of Christians In Scilly

St Mary’s Parish Church

There’s been a fall in the number of people in Scilly who consider themselves Christians.

Official data from the 2011 census reveals that 55% of the 2,203 people surveyed said they were Christian. That’s down from 71% in 2001 and lower than the national average of 59%.

Scilly is also in the highest 10% of local authorities in England and Wales where locals identifying themselves as having “No Religion.”

34% of residents put themselves in this category, up from 20% a decade ago and compares with the latest national average of 25%.

The islands’ two church leaders say they are not surprised at the change but Scilly remains a community where faith is important to many islanders.

Canon Paul Miller says there are still over people who have (over half the population still said they are Christian here.

But he feels the Church as an institution has become less attractive to people.

Charlie Gibbs says Methodist church attendance goes up and down over time and his church is here for the long term.

Charlie also expressed surprise the figure was higher than 50%.

He says it’s important for Christians on the islands to face what could be, “challenging and difficult times” and said the Methodist church is committed to their mission on the islands.

Charlie says winter is when he can see the real church attendance figures and says they’re still able to maintain three services a week during that time.

He said he’s also keen to work more closely with the Parish church.


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