Trust Says Cattle Won’t Stop Clay Pigeon Shooters

The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust has denied that they prevented the clay pigeon club from carrying out their weekly shoot at Giant’s Castle.

A posting appeared on the website of Save Our Scilly on Sunday, stating that there was a “seemingly deliberate act” by the Trust to prevent the club from shooting at the site by fencing off the area and introducing cattle.

The organisation has campaigned to stop the Trust’s policy of grazing animals on the islands.

Club member, Ritchie Christopher, said they’ve held a license to shoot at Giant’s Castle during the winter for over 30 years. He said he was surprised to hear the Trust had put cattle there and a few other members were upset at being kept off the land.

He said it’s a busy time of the year for the club with festive shoots on Boxing Day, Christmas Sunday and New Year’s Day.

But Wildlife Trust officer David Mawer said the club’s chairman, Roger Banfield, was informed last week that the cattle would be grazed at Giant’s Castle. He said the club agreed to continue to use their summer shooting ground at Clapper Rocks for the Christmas period.

David said the recent wet weather had made that site difficult to access, so he met with Roger yesterday and agreed the club could be accommodated on the western side of Giant’s Castle.

Roger confirmed that he’d been told about the grazing last week and that he felt the club worked well with the Trust.

He said they’ll be able to go ahead with their shoots as planned at Giant’s Castle and that the activity won’t cause any distress to the cattle.


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