Police Say More Damage Reported

The islands’ police chief says he wants parents to check what their children have been doing following more damage caused to property.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says more of acts of vandalism have emerged over the weekend. They may be minor, he says, but they show a disregard for locals’ property.

Silage bales were damaged at Longstone Farm and a young child’s bike was taken from the new school bike racks and ridden around. It was discarded after the frame and handlebars were damaged.

A wooden gate that provides access to the Telegraph reservoir has also been attacked.

Colin says this isn’t serious crime but it stands out because we have so little here in Scilly.

He says adults can play their part in stopping this by questioning where their children are in the evenings and added most children will just be out enjoying themselves.

But he says the farm incidents are worrying because these are industrial areas where children can get hurt.


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