Council Gets Bonus For New Homes

New social housing on Bryher

The Government is paying the Council a bonus for the seven new homes created recently in partnership with the Cornwall Rural Housing Association.

It’s part of an England-wide handout of £661m announced by housing minister Mark Prisk.

Cornwall Council has been awarded £8.5m because they’ve built 2,549 new properties. Here the payout is worth around £29,000.

Richard McCarthy who is chairman of the Community Services committee, says than an extra £1 on council tax in Scilly only raises another £1,000 so the fact that we’re getting almost £30,000 from seven new homes on the off islands is not something to be ungrateful for.

The money will be a welcome addition to the pot for next year’s housing provision, says Richard.

The Council has long argued for extra cash for affordable properties because of the cost of building here, at least 150% of mainland costs.

All new developments on the islands have to be for local needs.