Council Chair Says Customer Service Needs To Improve

The chairman of Council says Islands’ businesses need to do more to ensure visitors have a good experience.

It follows a Tourist Information Centre report that there were eighteen complaints last season, many of which relate to alleged attitude being displayed by staff in local businesses.

Sophie Hughes from the TIC said there were plenty of positive comments received too.

Mike Hicks used John F Kennedy’s famous, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” quote to illustrate his point that locals should excel in customer service.

He said we had to, “smarten ourselves up” adding there was a big market out there and we needed to make the expense of getting to Scilly worthwhile.

Cllr Amanda Martin was concerned by reports of visitors getting an unfriendly treatment and she said museum visitors wouldn’t be treated that way.

Amanda said she wanted to return to the days when Scilly was called, “The Friendly Isles.”


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