Airport Publishes Annual Safety Report

The plane which overshot the runway in June

St Mary’s airport has published its annual safety report, a summary of all the events that have been reported to the Civil Aviation Authority in the past year.

This is something that all airports have to do and this year, there were seven reportable incidents.

These included a golf buggy crossing the helipad. Fire officers intercepted the driver and a barrier has since been fitted on the perimeter road.

A stray dog on the runway caused an aircraft to ‘go round’ and make a second landing in June, while there were two separate incidents with fire warning lights on helicopters which caused them to return to St Mary’s.

However, the most serious accident was when a private plane overshot the runway during poor weather in June. No one was injured although the plane was seriously damaged.

There was one reported bird strike, when a dead starling was found on runway 14, although no plane actually reported hitting it.