Museum Researching Non-Sporting Gig Use In Scilly

Isles of Scilly Museum

The Museum has launched an appeal for images, stories and anecdotes that highlight the non-sporting use of gigs on the islands.

Judy Douglas and Lindsay Sawyer are refreshing the gig display and want to document how the boats have been used for freight and conveyed everything from coffins to supplies.

They also want to showcase their emergency use in attending wrecks and taking doctors between the islands, the sort of use of gigs, says curator Amanda Martin, that might not be well documented.

She says there are casual references about the activity of gigs on postcards but she’d love to hear any stories that can be recorded for the archive.

Amanda says she doesn’t feel that there are enough images of the gigs being used for business or community needs.

There are some superb images of gigs attending wrecks, she says, taken by Francis Mortimer and the Gibsons, but they’re rare, probably because the conditions weren’t always the best for photography.

Amanda says every story or image will be of use, whether for display or for research purposes.