Scilly Reindeer Spend Christmas On Mainland

Jingle and Belle getting ready for their journey on the Gry Maritha

The islands’ reindeer are taking a trip to the mainland this Christmas.

Owner Stella Wyburne-Ridsdale is sending Jingle, Belle and Tula to stay with a reindeer-handler friend in Cornwall.

And yesterday’s operation to load them into the horsebox, ready for the sea crossing on the Gry Maritha, went much better than planned.

Stella had been concerned that stag, Jingle, could be difficult to handle. It’s ‘rutting’ season and his antlers are fully-grown, which makes him quite unwieldy.

But in the end, with the help of several friends, the animals quickly settled into their temporary home.

The reindeer are a familiar sight around the streets and on the beaches of St Mary’s. Youngster Tula spent several months on the mainland this year after breaking her leg in an accident, but is now fully recovered, says Stella.

They’ll be making a few ‘star’ appearances at Christmas events around Cornwall over the next few weeks but Stella is keeping tight lipped about where.

She’s asked anyone who spots them to take a picture and upload it to the Scilly Reindeer facebook page.


4 Responses to Scilly Reindeer Spend Christmas On Mainland

  1. Craig December 9, 2012 at 2:18 am

    Let me tell you this, before Stella got the reindeer she spent two weeks with the Sami tribesmen learning about their needs and how to care for them. (Remember the Sami have looked after reindeer for hundreds of years and know more about them than you will ever know by reading something on the internet or watching on the TV) They would NEVER let their animals go to somewhere that wouldn’t suit them as they care for them and have their wellbeing first and foremost at heart. I might respect your opinions more (even though they are misinformed) if you were man/woman enough not to hide behind a false name. I also take it that you have been onto Longleat etc. demanding that their animals from Africa etc are being mistreated as they are from a hot/dry continent, but live in a wet/cold one. I will defend Stella and the way she looks after her animals as I know from first hand experience that she has their wellbeing and care as her priority. Also if you were that concerned about the reindeers wellbeing why didn’t you approach Stella direct and raise the issue with her ?

  2. Craig December 8, 2012 at 10:48 am

    Do your homework Nobby and get your facts right before you post something on here. Where they come from in Sweden the temperature ranges from minus 30 to plus 30 degrees and over. A lot of them die from blood loss due to mosquito bites in the summer. Stella’s reindeer have a much better quality of life than any in the wild.

    • Nobby Nobbs December 8, 2012 at 6:17 pm

      This brief description of reindeer states that they mainly come from cold snow/ice regions
      and this study on Sweden’s climate states that the max temperature in Southern Sweden is 22c not the 30c that you State but that the max Temp in the Northern territory is only 10c

      Either way I’m still not convinced that a tropical island is the natural habitat of a reindeer

  3. Nobby Nobbs December 7, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    Good, I always thought it cruel that animals designed to live in cold snowy climates are being kept on a subtropical island