School Chairman Still Unclear On HMI Visit

The Five Islands School

The chairman of the Five Islands School governors says he’s still unclear why Her Majesty’s Inspectors were dispatched to school for two days this week, so soon after an Ofsted visit.

Ben Julian says no answers have been offered as to why the publication of the school Ofsted results have been withheld.

Ben is unsure whether this two-day inspection will affect those findings, whom the report will be sent to or when it will be released. He says that’s unsatisfactory.

“We are totally in the dark,” he says.

Ben has written to Ofsted to state that he feels holding a second inspection, when you didn’t like the results of the first one, “didn’t sit well within terms of natural justice.”

He was told that wasn’t the case.

The HMI team focused their enquiries this week on school leadership and management says Ben.

The Department for Education team who came to inspect the school at the start of November made Ofsted aware of their investigation.

Ben has been told that the DfE report will be completed in draft form by Christmas.


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