Electronic Patient Records Being Launched In Scilly

St Mary’s Health Centre

Patients in Scilly who need emergency care will soon be able to benefit from a system that gives medical staff easy access to important medical information about them.

The NHS is introducing electronic Summary Care Records here, which contain key health information about a patient’s medication, allergies and any previous bad reactions to medicines.

The NHS says this information can make all the difference to a patient’s care in an emergency when no other information is available, especially when GP practices are closed.

The records can only be seen by authorised healthcare staff using a secure chip and pin system.

Lead GP at the islands’ Health Centre, Dr John Garman, says there’s often a discrepancy between what ends up on a prescription chart in hospital and what GP’s think the patients are on.

Any system that increases information sharing about prescribing and allergies has got to be to the benefit of patient safety, he says, which is why our Health Centre has signed up.

All patients will receive a letter this week telling them about the new record system.

Everyone has the right to opt out of having a record.