Huge Potential For Fishing Tourism In Scilly

Del Thompson landing a pollock

A St Mary’s man says the tourism organisations in Scilly should do more to attract anglers and fishermen.

Del Thompson believes the islands have a huge amount to offer followers of the sport and he’s been single-handedly promoting Scilly to angling journalists.

This week Del was out filming with a TV crew for two episodes of the Sky Sports 2 programme, Tight Lines, the first due to air on 14th December.

In the show, he’ll be seen landing over 100 wrasse, as well as a 7.5lb pollock. And Del said the conditions were amazing for the filming, with fantastic light and shots of porpoises shoaling herrings and gannets diving.

He said the islands will look “absolutely amazing” in the programme.

Del has already been featured in several fishing programmes and has helped organise trips for journalists from angling magazines such as Total Sea Fishing and Sea Angler. There’ll be a number of multi-page spreads about the islands in upcoming editions of those magazines over the next few months.

Del is passionate about fishing, but says he’s disappointed with the response he’s received from the Tourist Board who don’t seem to realise the potential to draw in extra visitors.

Scilly has some of the best fishing in the UK, he says, and angling is an all-year-round sport that could help extend the season.

His blog, Scilly Lure Addicts, gets 150 hits a day.

Del says he’s considering applying for LAG funding for a DVD about fishing in Scilly that would go out free with a fishing magazine.

He’s also hoping to arrange an angling competition here next year.

The episode of Tight Lines featuring Del is due to air at 8pm on December 14th.


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