Councillor Unhappy Over School Report Secrecy

Cllr Gordon Bilsborough

Councillor Gordon Bilsborough says he’s unhappy that fellow councillors are not in the loop over the Cornwall Council auditors’ investigation into the Five Islands School.

Last night, the Town Hall issued a press release saying they couldn’t say anything at this stage because of legal restrictions. Cllr Bilsborough spoke with Council chairman Mike Hicks yesterday to request that all members receive the report into events that led to the suspension of former head teacher Bryce Wilby and have a chance to discuss it.

There are concerns that individuals unhappy with how they are portrayed in the report could take legal action.

Gordon says if blame is apportioned, he doesn’t want names of those individuals to be redacted or blacked out. He said, “nobody must hide.”

He says that if that any current or former Council or school employees have done anything wrong or acted beyond their role, he’ll encourage Councillors to back publishing the whole report, even if lawyers try and dissuade them.

Radio Scilly understands that the police could be involved with the report although Cllr Hicks wouldn’t comment on that when questioned last night.

Radio Scilly sources tells us that a forensic investigation is underway and it’s related to a computer. There have already been investigations into inappropriate, but not illegal, images allegedly found on the former head’s laptop.

Bryce Wilby has always denied that he put them there and says the machine was often left unattended with the password on a post-it note attached.

He says he’s answered every question about the laptop raised during his interview with auditors in October. Last night Mr Wilby told us that he hasn’t seen the report and has been told he won’t see it, so he cannot comment further.


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