Councillors Receive School Auditors’ Report

The Five Islands School

The Cornwall Council auditors’ report into alleged financial impropriety at Scilly’s Five Islands school is complete and has been sent to a handful of councillors.

The Council brought in a mainland investigation team following the suspension of Bryce Wilby as head teacher in May. Mr Wilby subsequently resigned.

Chairman Mike Hicks, vice chair Amanda Martin and children’s lead, David Pearson have copies and each member has signed a confidentiality agreement drafted by Council solicitors.

David said he hopes that the “highly confidential” report is not leaked but added, “we can only protect our side of the water.”

Mike Hicks and the other members will meet with director of Community Services, Penny Penn Howard, today and Mike says a decision will be made on whether the report is shared with other councillors.

David Pearson says there is the possibility that someone featured may not consider some of the contents to be in their favour. That’s why legal advice must be taken before publication. He hopes, ‘a version’ can be published.

Mike doesn’t feel people featured in the report will have an automatic right to a copy. He says they will have been interviewed and will know what they had said to the auditors and he says that he is not, “ducking the issue.”

Mike Hicks says it has always been his desire to, “make some kind of public statement” but it’s unlikely much detail will be released this side of Christmas.

Mike says he will insist that a brief and broad press statement is issued today.


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