Police Caution Man Over Alleged Assault

A man has been cautioned following an incident in a St Mary’s licensed premises on Wednesday evening.

Police Sergeant Colin Taylor says the man, in his early 40s, became aggressive and was asked to leave the premises. He is alleged to have assaulted a female member of staff and others had to intervene to eject him from the premises.

Colin says the man was arrested on Thursday morning in his accommodation, where police found him to be in possession of cannabis, and he was also arrested for that.

Colin said the man made a full admission at the police station and expressed complete remorse for his actions. He said he had drunk a lot of alcohol on the evening in question and his behaviour was out of character.

The man received a formal Police caution for assault and possession of cannabis.

Colin says this incident highlights the dangers of licensed premises selling alcohol to people who are already very intoxicated and says he’s raised the matter with the licensee.

He understands the man will not be staying on the islands so didn’t feel this was a matter to take to the local Pubwatch group.

It’s the third time the police have dealt with a cannabis-related incident in the past month and Colin reiterated that, when he hears information about drugs, his team will act on it.