Flights Transferring Temporarily To Newquay

After a week of disruption to flights from Land’s End because of waterlogging, Skybus is temporarily transferring all flights to Newquay Cornwall Airport until the morning of Thursday 6th December.

The company says that they are doing this in light of further heavy rain being forecast this weekend.

The Steamship Company say that the move will allow time for the grass runway to dry out during better weather, forecast for the middle of next week. This follows the recent spells of prolonged heavy rain, which have impacted on operations at Land’s End.

All Skybus services to and from St Mary’s Airport will operate via Newquay Cornwall Airport from today and on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

Speaking at a public meeting to discuss medical travel arrangements on St Mary’s in October, the Steamship Company’s commercial manager, Nick Sanders, said the company would look into the feasibility of a hardened runway at Land’s End but they did feel locals would oppose this, based on previous applications.

At the moment, the mail and newspapers are sent to the islands by air through Land’s End and flowers are sent back from Scilly on the same route. A spokesman said they are waiting to hear whether the mail will be transferred through Newquay too.


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