Approval Granted For Bungalow Extension At Telegraph

Councillors have approved the extension and modernisation of a 2-bedroomed 1930’s bungalow on Pungies Lane, Telegraph.

A second storey will be added to the existing ground floor, while a 60sqm extension will be built on the side, creating a 4-bedroomed property.

Planning officer Harriet Bowen said the new extension was actually going to reduce the overall footprint of the building, as outbuildings totalling around 115sqm would be demolished.

Some members of the Planning Committee were unhappy about the height of the building. Cllr David Pearson said he’d received a complaint about neighbouring properties being overlooked. He said the building was in a very prominent position and visible from the sea.

Council chair, Mike Hicks, said he’d objected to a neighbouring application, approved over the summer, because of the height of that property. He said all the other homes in the area were bungalows.

The design also came in for criticism. Cllr Gordon Bilsborough said it was “not something of outstanding natural beauty,” although he still felt it should be approved.

Cllr Dudley Mumford said he quite liked the existing bungalow, and while accepting that the building needed to be modernised, felt that they would be, “losing some of the character.”

Dudley said the two double storey houses will have a profound effect on the area and this will only become clear when they’re built.

The application was approved although conditions requiring sustainability measures, like solar panels and rainwater harvesting, were added.


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