AONB Warning On Cigarette Butts

The Isles of Scilly AONB is to relaunch their campaign highlighting the damage caused to wildlife by cigarette butts.

The ‘No Butts’ initiative will see posters going up in pubs around the islands as well as plaques placed on cigarette bins, asking smokers to dispose of their used butts responsibly.

AONB officer, Rebecca Steggles, says cigarette butts are frequently found during their regular beach cleans, especially those in Hugh Town on St Mary’s.

The butts are made of cellulose, which takes several years to decompose and becomes loaded with toxic nicotine and other chemicals from the tobacco.

Rebecca says these can get eaten by fish, entering the food chain. On top of that, it makes the beaches look unattractive, she says.

Rebecca says while most smokers are responsible, a small minority just ignore the bins so this is a way to remind them of how harmful their used cigarette ends are.

Most licensees on the islands have joined their campaign, she says, which they’ll be rolling out before the start of the new tourism season.