Traditional Sailing Boats To Visit Scilly

The Isles of Scilly is set to be a key staging post on a round Britain tour of classic boats.

The Old Gaffers Association, so called because they sail vessels with traditional square-shaped ‘gaff-rig’ sails, rather than modern triangular types, will be celebrating their 50th anniversary.

They’ll be stopping off on the islands during the weekend of May 11th and 12th as part of their tour.

That’s the weekend after the World Pilot Gig Championships.

Harbourmaster Dale Clark says he recently met with tourism and sailing representatives on the islands to discuss how locals and visitors could take part in the event.

He said Scilly should be a real highlight of the tour as the islands are perfect for these traditional vessels. And he’s hoping that Scilly-based red wings and other old sailing boats will be able to take part.

Dale said the event will be a great way to extend the excitement generated by Gig Weekend and could be a real tourism boost especially as there will be vessels from as far away as the Netherlands taking part.

He said local organisers are looking to see how they can publicise the event and hope to release further details of the itinerary soon.

Boats don’t need to complete the whole tour and any local sailors wanting to take part in the legs before or after the Scilly stopover should register at the OGA50 website.