Reserves Will Be Needed For 2013 Gig Championships

The World Pilot Gig Championships Committee will have had to dip into their reserves for next May’s event.

Chairman Rick Persich says, despite an impressive 130 gigs entering in 2012, fewer supporters came over.

The event usually brings in around £16,000 on food sales and sponsorships, but they were 15% down this time.

Rick says they’ve also used savings to buy proper containers for the championship scoreboards. He felt the existing display posed a health and safety issue as it could be toppled in strong winds.

The committee has been approached by additional sponsors but each one wants more than just banners and their name highlighted. Both requests, from a brewery and a newspaper, have been declined.

Rick says they don’t want to be involved in drink samples, and free paper hand-outs would create litter.

The deadline for booking boats for movement on the Scillonian III is this Sunday. At last count, 103 gigs had reservations.