Castle Air Launch Private Helicopter Service To Scilly

Visitors and locals will still be able to use a helicopter to travel to Scilly, if they are prepared to pay.

A Cornish charter helicopter company is offering a service from Land’s End to St Mary’s and Tresco.

Castle Air has been in discussions with the Steamship Company and Tresco Estate over a plan to operate a scheduled service to pick up where BIH left off.

But their plans to provide direct flights to Tresco and take extra passengers when Skybus is over capacity were dropped around six weeks ago because they just weren’t viable.

Managing Director Ross Bunyan says their three Sikorsky S-76 aircraft carry 12 people each but they would really need the larger capacity models that carry up to 28 passengers. Those machines are costly and Ross doesn’t believe that finances of a timetabled service add up anymore.

Cheshire-based GB helicopters reached a similar conclusion. They had their aircraft on St Mary’s yesterday on a personal, pleasure trip.

Liskeard-based Castle Air say they intend to run charter services in 6-seater Augusta 109’s and Ross admits these charters will be for the select few, at £1,600 for each flying hour.

But those who can afford it will be able to enjoy the luxury of pick up and drop off at a variety of landing points on the mainland.


4 Responses to Castle Air Launch Private Helicopter Service To Scilly

  1. Glyn Baker December 31, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    So still no real news re the return of a sensible helicopter service.
    Very disappointing had hoped by now something may have been sorted. Having used this service for 7 years a holiday elsewhere now seems the only solution (cant face that old boat and twice flights cancelled)
    I wonder about bookings now.
    Does anyone know if there will be a solution to this?

  2. Tybalt November 30, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    £2000-00 + VAT for one way flight from Lands End works out at much more that £1600-00 per flying hour!

  3. Mr F Gregory November 30, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    I agree entirely with Peter Smiths comments November 30…………..
    No one really cares what happens to the Scillonians . Their livellihood is hard enough. No visitors, no Isles of Scilly.

  4. Peter Smith November 30, 2012 at 12:07 pm

    There are only 3 possible resolutions to the transport problems on the islands, that is without a year round daily ship operation, and they are, 1 a concrete airstrip at Lands End for the size of the currently operated aircraft, 2 IOS Steamship charter a suitable helicopter and crew to operate daily services from Lands End, 3 arrange for airfreight to be run from Newquay airport during the winter months using a suitably stripped out aircraft. All options are costly but someone has to bite the bullet and do something before the lack of action causes the loss of serious tourist income, because people will look elsewhere once the current situation does not improve.