Visitor Decline Can Be Reversed Says New Marketing Agency

The marketing experts who won the contract to promote the islands on behalf of the Tourism and Business Partnership will visit Scilly next week.

Dave Meneer of Truro-based agency, Wolf Rock, says he hopes to talk to the Partnership board, as well as islanders who work in tourism, about their recent experiences.

Dave has been visiting the islands for 47 years and stays regularly with the Wakefields on the Garrison.

And he believes it is possible to reverse the year-on-year decline in visitor numbers.

Dave says he understands that some visitors have been priced out of the market but is confident that well-heeled families and comfortably-off retirees can be encouraged to sample Scilly.

From Radio Scilly

Dave Meneer from Wolf Rock talks to Radio Scilly

For some would-be visitors, the attraction of the islands’ beauty outweighs the negative aspects of the travel costs, he says, and he wants to work with transport providers to see how getting here can be made clearer.

Dave says the Blue Sail consultant’s report, published in 2011, was clear about who we should be attracting. Now his team will work on getting that message out there.

And he says the changing trends in tourism, such as the ‘four-day weekend visit’ need to be explored.

He’s also keen to encourage more visitors from Devon and Cornwall.

Dave says the ‘product’ here in Scilly is wonderful, and people often become evangelical about the place once they visit. He says that needs to be tapped into as you can’t beat word-of-mouth to get the message out.

Social networking and online promotion will form part of the strategy because traditional print and television ads are too expensive and not targeted enough.

He said new media is slowly becoming used by all parts of society, including more elderly tourists who probably wouldn’t have used it ten years ago.


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