Swimming Pool Granted Solar Panel Array

The Council will be allowed to install a solar panel array on land behind Normandy swimming pool.

Planning officer, Harriet Bowen, said the 40 panel photovoltaic array would meet the pool’s energy demands as well as generate extra income for the Council. It was also supported by the Council’s climate change officer, David Senior, and the AONB’s consultative panel.

A letter of objection had been received from a neighbour, who felt the noise of rain falling on the panels could cause disturbance.

Planning vice chair Cllr Amanda Martin said she was concerned about noise in residential areas although Cllr Gordon Bilsborough said he had panels on his roof, right over his bedroom window, and he hadn’t noticed any disturbance.

However, some members raise concern about the cumulative effect of many planning applications for similar panels. Cllr Dudley Mumford said he didn’t want to see the islands covered in them.

And Cllr Ticehurst was worried that the panels were ‘sanitising’ wild areas, particularly in light of the recent reports about the ‘dreadful reductions’ in bird populations across Britain.

Chair of community services, Cllr Richard McCarthy said the installation could save a lot of money for the Council and help reduce their carbon footprint, something they were now being measured on by the government.

Members eventually voted in favour of the scheme.