Auditors’ Report May Not Be Made Public

The Five Islands School

The report by Cornwall Council into the issues surrounding the suspension of the former Five Islands school head teacher Bryce Wilby may not be made public.

Chairman of Council Mike Hicks told Radio Scilly that he wanted islanders to see the findings as the Council has been held under, “great suspicion” by some locals.

Cornwall auditors are said to be working on a final draft.

The report deals with alleged financial irregularities at school. Director of finance and resources, Peter Lawrence-Roberts, says its release has been delayed because the auditors’ interview with Bryce Wilby brought additional information and material.

But Peter says the Council will have to take legal advice from their lawyers on what can be put in the public domain.

He says there are, “clearly some data protection issues” and chunks of it, if it is made public, may be blacked out or redacted.

It’s understood that the report would be sent to Mr Lawrence-Roberts at the Town Hall.

He has just begun three week’s annual leave. Before he left he told us that he would be in touch with his office by email and there would be contingency plans for dealing with the document, if it is released before his return.

Mr Wilby’s wife Maria says she is concerned that Bryce may not be able to view the report about him. She says the transcript of the interview held with the auditors in October says he doesn’t have the right and warns that it is the governors who should decide what to do with the report’s findings.

Maria says her husband has provided proof to negate every charge and says if the investigators don’t accept that proof, they may start litigation.

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