Scilly’s Fire Service Praised For Flood Response

Islanders who called 999 when their properties started flooding on Saturday evening are full of praise for the islands’ fire service.

Stephen and Lois Morris at Porthloo said they realised they were flooding at around 6.30pm after the drains couldn’t cope with the deluge. It took about an hour for fire crew to pump out the water.

She says the speed of fire service response and their professionalism impressed them and they were lucky as the water came within an inch of their patio window. Just a small amount of water forced it’s way up through a lower level floor in the house.

Stephen thinks there may need to be modifications to the storm drain, which runs through their property, although he admitted it actually coped as best it could with the huge quantities of water on Saturday evening. He’s says he’ll write to the Duchy to advise them that the drainage of Porthloo needs to be addressed when they improve the boatyard later in the winter.

Sonia Scott at Longstone, says the continual rain meant the water started pouring through one of her outbuildings and headed towards the café.

She’s never seen anything like it in the 12 years she has lived here.

Sonia can’t speak more highly of the fire service for their quick response. She said they did everything to put things right including placing sand bags around the building once they’d pumped out the water.

And fire fighters were out on Tresco yesterday afternoon trying to deal with floodwater that was pooling on The Green behind the school in Old Grimbsy.

Eyewitnesses say the water was rushing down the hill from Palace Row and onto the beach.

They had to pump out the area to stop the sewage system becoming inundated.

Scilly had the UK’s highest amount of rain this weekend. John Peacock of St Agnes boating recorded 2.2 inches between Friday night and yesterday afternoon.


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