MP Says Council’s Independence Not At Risk

Scilly’s MP, Andrew George

The islands MP, Andrew George, doesn’t think the Council of the Isles of Scilly’s independent status is in jeopardy over investigations into the conduct of the chief executive.

Mr George wouldn’t comment on the specifics of Mr Hygate’s suspension but he said it would be “preposterous” for a Council to be, “held to ransom for trying to uphold standards.”

Councillor Roy Duncan had voiced concern about the process that led to the chief executive being suspended.

On November 4th, Councillor Duncan told Radio Scilly that he didn’t believe the policy and resources committee meeting had authority to act. He said with the islands being scrutinized by government, Scilly could end up part of Cornwall Council, with as much influence as parishes like Stithians.

Heart of Scilly committee member, Fran Grottick, says she has asked Cllr Duncan for evidence to support his fears. She says he’s not responded.

Andrew George has replied to Mrs Grottick. He says the suggestion that any decision made about a Council officer could reduce the Council’s powers could warrant scrutiny itself.

He’d want to be sure that proper decisions by the Council weren’t being influenced by threats of retaliation.

The MP says he has never been aware of the government taking action against a Council which has made a decision that it feels is in the interests of proper and effective running of the authority.


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