Mail Delays Due To Airport Restrictions

Skybus say delays in flying post to the islands last week was because their contract with Royal Mail restricts them to flying from Land’s End.

That airport suffered severe waterlogging of its runway so was closed to flights on several occasions last week.

Commercial Manager, Nick Sanders, said Royal Mail use a dedicated Islander aircraft based at Land’s End as a freighter. He said that, while passengers could be transferred to Newquay, this was not possible with the mail, which can’t be accommodated currently on a Twin Otter plane.

The post was eventually transferred to the Gry Maritha last Wednesday.

Nick said the waterlogging was an unusual occurrence, caused by the huge quantities of rain that have been falling over the past week, but if problems persist, he said, he would discuss the situation with Royal Mail.

We asked Royal Mail whether they would consider allowing Skybus to fly mail from Newquay if adverse weather was forecast.

While they didn’t answer this directly, Royal Mail spokesperson Adrian Booth said: “Due to poor weather conditions, our contingency arrangements of conveying mail for the Isles of Scilly by boat, instead of by aircraft, have been invoked on a number of occasions recently. This has unfortunately caused delay to mail onto the Islands.

“If we become aware of any forecasted long-term disruption to Land’s End Airport, we will review our current plan in conjunction with the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company, which operates the contract on our behalf.”

Last week, the manager of St Mary’s Post Office, Lindsay Rodger, said she was grateful to t many locals for their patience over the delays to mail, but expressed her fear that a similar situation could happen again in the run up to Christmas.


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