No Balcony For Godolphin House Flat

A top floor flat in a 1960’s block will not be able to install a new bi-fold window and glass ‘Juliet’ balcony.

The owners of Flat 9, Godolphin House on Church Road, had wanted to replace the existing window on the front of the property, facing the Church, with the new feature, to increase the light and improve the view.

However, seven neighbours had lodged objection letters. One said that, while Godolphin House “wasn’t one of Hugh Town’s most attractive buildings” any change to a single window would look odd.

Another felt that it could set a precedent, and other flat owners could make changes too, spoiling the symmetry of the building. One owner of a flat in Godolphin House said the terms of the lease didn’t allow any of the walls to be altered and there were concerns over potential structural problems.

In her report, Planning Officer Harriet Bowen, said that, while the building could not be said to make a positive contribution to the character of the area, it nevertheless had a simple and uniform design, which would be spoilt by the proposed balcony.

She recommended refusing planning permission and Councillors agreed unanimously.