Council Travel Rates Going Up

The amount of money that Council officers and members can claim when travelling is to go up.

Members of Tuesday’s Policy and Resources Committee were told by Director of Finance, Peter Lawrence-Roberts, that rates should rise by 2.1%, roughly in-line with inflation.

Officers and members will now be able to get £122 for a 24 hour absence, rising to £139 if that means staying in London. And evening meals up to £12.78, or £24.41 in London will be refunded.

However, not all councillors felt the increase was warranted.

Cllr Richard McCarthy said he didn’t approve of the increase and wouldn’t support it, while chairman, Cllr Amanda Martin, said she would prefer fewer trips and any meetings that could take place by telephone or videoconference should be encouraged.

Cllr Dudley Mumford wanted to know what the reimbursement levels were based on and if we were compared with Cornwall Council.

Peter said the rates had been rolled on, year after year. He pointed out that it would be difficult to get an evening meal for £12.78 anyway and felt we would come out of any comparison, “pretty well.”

He also explained that people needed receipts so couldn’t, for example, claim money if staying with friends or relatives.

Cllr Christine Savill said officers had to be away from their families for longer than would normally be expected because of our location, and it’s only fair that they should be paid a reasonable rate.

She added that the levels were probably not correct but accepted, “we are where we are.”


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