Post Mistress Grateful To Customers Over Mail Delays

Postal staff sorting yesterday’s backlog of mail

The manager of St Mary’s post office says she’s grateful to islanders who have been understanding over the delays in postal deliveries.

Because of the transport problems this week, 90 bags of mail had to be brought over on the Gry Maritha. The three postmen were in early in the morning to sort it and worked solidly into yesterday evening.

Lindsay Rodgers says she understands it’s frustrating to be without post for days on end but there’s nothing the local team can do about that. But not all residents have appreciated this.

The post service is running on reduced staff numbers, which has added to problems, and Royal Mail are currently filling the vacancies.

Lindsay says staff will be worried that backlogs could happen again, nearer to Christmas, particularly as the current problems are just dealing with normal volumes of mail.

In bad weather the helicopter was prone to disruption too, says Lindsay, but they had a different approach to mail management, sending mail over “in dribs and drabs” when they could to reduce the backlog.


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