Interfaith Week Celebrated Through Discussion Session

Carn Thomas

Representatives from seven mainstream faiths will explain what they stand for in an interfaith presentation and discussion at Carn Thomas.

The evening session will involve people who follow the Baha’I, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and Pagan faiths.

The group will also attend a morning event in school to mark Interfaith Week.

The activities are designed to foster greater understanding of different religions and it has the full backing of the Diocese of Truro.

Rita Stephen of the Dor Kemmyn Project will be coming over with the group and has helped arrange the event.

She said the speakers are giving up their own time, including taking time off from work, to visit the islands for the sessions.

She says the main aim is to make sure that pupils and adults here realise that there are people from many faiths in the region and that they work well together, with many shared values.

Tonight’s discussion will be at 7pm at Carn Thomas Hall.