New Food Business Opens At Hugh Town Post Office

Tanglewood Kitchen owner Lindsay Rodger with husband Euan

A new food retail business has opened in part of St Mary’s Post Office.

Lindsay Rodger and husband Euan have transformed the former sorting room into a kitchen and display area for her ready meal and specialist grocery business, The Tanglewood Kitchen Company.

The couple have been providing meals, cooked in their own kitchen, for purchase by locals and visitors in self-catering accommodation for the past two years, as well as lunchtime meals for children who attend Craftykids in Old Town.

But now a £37,000 LAG grant has part-funded the conversion of the kitchen and retail premises in the iconic town centre Post Office building. Euan says this has helped diversify the business and will support an extra member of staff.

While some traders have voiced concern over how quiet town is currently, Euan is confident that things will pick up next season.

He’s hoping that the trend towards self-catering will continue as he believes that’s a growth area and says his business is geared up to serve visitors who want to dine in their accommodation, as well as the local trade.

Euan says he hasn’t heard any objections from other food traders because of his different approach to food retail with ready meals. And there won’t be hot food take-away sales, as they are not allowed to operate that way.

One unique twist to the business is the range of American snacks, sweets and food products that the couple have selected.

Euan spent time in the States as a child and wanted the business to offer something distinctly different and that hasn’t been found in Scilly until now.

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